The lightest most powerful scooter in the world

Only 22kg

  IAqua Nano 670 and 720 


Fast charger UPGRADE valued at $2400
This DualJet™ technology has allowed iAQUA’s designers and engineers to develop a sea scooter that is both extremely light weighing just 22kg, yet very powerful. It has an unmatched power to weight ratio of 28.18 Newtons of thrust per kg. In comparison the most powerful competitors model has a power-to-weight ratio of 21.28 Newtons of thrust per kg, and weighs 60% more at 35kg. DualJet™ has also enabled the scooters overall size and volume to be reduced by over 30%, whilst losing none of the features that iAQUA Sea Scooters are renowned for.
At just 22 kg the AquaDart Nano is effortless to move around and can be easily launched from the beach single handedly. If being transported or stored in a RIB, small boat or perhaps on a larger yacht, the Nano takes up much less space than any other dive-scooter with similar performance. Two Nano’s will easily fit into the back of a family hatchback!

Three Models to Choose From

You have three models to choose from, all with DualJet™ technology. If you are looking for the ultimate performance and speed then the Nano 720 Xtreme should be your choice, but if range and endurance is your main goal then opt for the Nano 670 Max. The 550 Explorer still packs a punch and would also be ideal for most situations where pure speed and acceleration is not the main concern, for example scuba diving.

With iAQUA’s industry-leading battery management technology you’ll never be caught out with a flat battery. The system intelligently manages your power level as your battery level reduces, meaning you’ll always be able to get home and finish your dive safely. Typical usage from a single charge is about 100 minutes, and you’ll still have power to get home. All models are equipped with two batteries for in-built safety and redundancy.

The 550 Explorer will recharge from empty to full in 270 minutes. The 670 Max and the 770 Xtreme include a fast charger and once empty, will be full and ready for another adventure in only 190 minutes.

All models have high powered front and rear lights. Whilst providing a level of safety for all users above and below the water line, Nano’s lights are essential for night divers and scuba divers who go deeper than 15m with the 1,700 lumen lights illuminating the surroundings and bringing back the full colours of the corals and marine life.