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About Us

Jetboard Australia is based in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. Focused on high quality Jetboards, motorised surfboards and Under water Sea Scooters. We are the main distributor for top brands in Australia and New Zealand and also service various other well-known brands in the industry (Ewave, Mako, Awake, Esurf, Torque, Jetfly).

Electric Jetboards
Motorized Surfboards and Skateboards
Underwater Scooters and Jetboards
Sea Scooters 
Underwater Scooters

Jetboard Australia has more than 30 years of experience in the jet-propelled craft industry, specializing in sales, services, and rentals. We use our expertise to recommend the ideal board for you and your family, whether you're looking for a new or used one.

Call us for the right advice on selecting the right jetboard that will suit you!


Repairs, Service, Parts, and training on how to use and look after your board is also available. Finance is available on all new and used boards for Private and Commercial use.


Endless fun on the waves

Born from a need to push the limits of conventional watersports and mobility, JETSURF is devoted to the development and design of the best motorized surfboards and skateboards in the world.

Wanna know what lies beneath the sea?

iAqua is a game-changer with revolutionary underwater jets. Providing high quality water toys for low prices.

Freeride and X-Sport jet-boards.

Radinnis the leader in electric jetboards with unsurpassed innovation and design. It's time you fpund adventure in your own backyard.