$2000 off all 2023 model stock 
Jetsurf have been the leading brand in Motorized Surfboards or Jetboards for over 10 years. Jetsurfing is one of the most amazing water sports you will ever experience whether your carving it up in the surf or tearing up your local lake. 
 The Hitec Carbon Fibre Hull are of the highest quality and the shape and design are without doubt the best handling by a long shot.
There new DFI digital fuel injected 2 stroke 100cc MSR ENGINES has been developing the most advanced motorized surfboard in the world. Tested in the toughest conditions such as big waves, various water surfaces and high performance racing series in MotoSurf WorldCup, JETSURF Motorized Surfboard ® is coming with the latest direct fuel injection motor that brings the motosurfing world to a whole new level.