Why you should buy a jetboard! 

It's a new challenging experience unlike you have done before! 

- Amazing to ride in the surf always a challenge   
- No trailer required to garage
- No cost off trailer registration 
- Small and easy to store great if you have limited storage 
- Live in a unit by the water? Just carry your board straight to the beach 
- You don't need an expensive tow boat to pull you like wakeboarding 
- You can go jetboarding on you own no boat and crew needed  
- Fits easily in the back off you car, wagon or ute 
- Quick and easy to clean after use 
- Cheap to run no gas guzzling big jet ski engines
- No expensive service costs and trailer repairs   
- Environmentally friendly electric has zero emissions 
- Creates very little wash  
- Gives you a great workout and have fun at the same time
- Easy to have a quick ride before work or when you get home