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Iaqua SeaDart Fun Under Water Sea Scooter or Seabob with only 2.3 hours uses and its a 2021 Model Looks like New Very little use

Replacment price new is $15000

Top speed of 20 kmph with 6 different speed ranges and dives to deeps of 40 meters. Speeds and deeps can be programmed to suit diving or snorkelling. for example, for beginners snorkelling you would only allow up to the third speed and a depth of only 2 metres then the motor stops until you come back above 2 meters and the motor continues.

Comes with charger

Take your scuba diving to a whole new dimension

The AquaDart takes scuba diving to a whole new level, allowing you to effortlessly go much further on your dives on one tank of air. This is because you do not get tired swimming against the current or trying to keep up with the fittest members of your group, so use way less air.
Pass uninteresting areas quickly, and go where you choose, with or against the current. Follow the manta’s, dolphins and marine life, without being swept away from them along with the current. With an iAQUA, you are in control.

With over 2 hours of run time at cruising speed, you go further, for longer, and with a fast charger, you can be fully charged again in just two hours.